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   Stand Up Paddle & Kayak On-Site Rentals


Our downtown Ottawa location is nestled on the shore of the Ottawa River across from Gatineau, Quebec.

               Our dock is private property and is not available outside of your reservation time.


                                                   ON Site SUP and Kayak Rentals 


                                                                     $35 an hour

                                                         $15 each additional hour




Paddle Rental Rules         

LOCATION – you must stay within our rental zones, which are between the dock and Alexandria bridge. 

LIFE JACKETS – must be worn at ALL TIMES on the Ottawa River 

ALCOHOL or DRUGS – no rentals are permitted while under the influence or suspected use of.

THUNDER/LIGHTNING? – get back to the dock and off the water immediately & find shelter indoors.

IF CAPSIZED – STAY WITH YOUR BOARD/BOAT if you can't get back on. Signal for assistance (wave hands/paddle & blow whistle)

BIGGER BOATS – give them the RIGHT OF WAY. Be aware at all times & in all directions this part of the Ottawa River is very busy at 5:00pm and on weekends. 

ADULT –  Kids over 12 are welcome. A person over 18 years must be on the water with the group at all times.



Reservations REQUIRE


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak Take-Away Rentals

                              2020 booking required 1-month notice!  

                                  2021 Reservations for summer started in January. 

Take AWAY Rental Stand Up Paddleboards and Kayaks

$75 Day SUP or Kayak Rental  10:00am- 6:00pm.   NOT AVAILABLE to be booked at this time. 

$150 Weekend SUP or Kayak Rental   Friday Night to Sunday Night

$225Weekly SUP or Kayak Rental  Friday to Friday



Want to take a stand up Paddleboard or Kayak to your cottage? Reserve it now! 

Buy a used board within one week of a rental and we will

credit your rental (up to $100) towards your purchase.


Shopping for a board? A rental is a great way to try it out.

Book your rental for 2021 with an email HERE

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